Question: It’s well known that a business startup, an entrepreneurial venture requires expertise business expertise in Marketing, Finance, Administration, among a number of other areas as well. But what I don’t hear is what a new business requires in terms of personal and commitment. Is there such a thing as personal innovation for the individual in addition to business innovation?

Answer: Innovation both personal and organizational is the foundation for initiation, improvement, growth, and success. Personal innovation is a way of life that energizes the individual’s aspirations for personal achievement as well as the organization’s ability to find and develop opportunities for growth and profitability. It is essential at the beginning of a new venture to pause to reflect upon the personal as well as the organizational mission and values that will drive the venture. Each element of personal innovation is crucial and no venture should start without first addressing these critical issues: Vision, Community and Character. These elements represent the foundation of The Startup of You, the entrepreneur. We will look at each and explain its importance.

Te first element of The Startup of You is your personal vision which is beyond an organizational vision of the business. A personal vision statement addresses your legacy and how you will make the world a better place. It has to be real and attainable, and should guide your personal efforts at all times. It is the answer to the question: ‘Where am I going and what do I want to achieve personally?’

The second element of The Startup of You is community. Everyone has a number of communities, such as what businesses call stakeholders. Everyone interacts with their communities on a regular basis, and it is within and among them that opportunities can be found to develop your Startup as a contributing member of every community you touch as a valued partner in making a difference for the better. We should approach every community with the attitude of not ‘What’s in it for me? But rather we should ask: What’s in it for others?’

The third element of the Startup of You is character. Elements such as honesty, trust and integrity are at the top of the list. Every personal startup should have these elements and others as well, which will identify you as a person who can be trusted to operate a business ethically and morally grounded, which makes it one that people like to patronize because of the customer experience, both business and personal.

You need to have a personal plan as well as a business plan, one that guides your efforts at becoming a better person and a force for a better community because of The Startup of You. Martin Luther King spoke of wanting his children to be judged ‘not by the color of their skin, but rather the content of their character.’ What more can we ask than this?

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