Ask SCORE Articles

Richard contributes articles to the Hagerstown Herald Mail as part of his role as a SCORE mentor and leader. The following is a sampling of these contributions.

Exploring the Business and Personal Model Canvas

Question: What is the best way that I can learn about both the business and personal elements of an entrepreneurial start-up venture? Answer: A good way to do this is to explore the business and personal model canvas for each model simultaneously. I have prepared a...

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Organizational Culture and Small Business

Question:  What Is Organizational Culture and How Can It Affect My Business? Response: Organizational Culture can be described as ‘The way we do things around here’. It might be represented by celebrating by winning a competitive contest, earning an award for ‘best in...

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Reflections on the Startup of You

Question: It’s well known that a business startup, an entrepreneurial venture requires expertise business expertise in Marketing, Finance, Administration, among a number of other areas as well. But what I don’t hear is what a new business requires in terms of personal...

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The Right Business and Personal Culture is Everything

Question: I hear a lot these days about the importance of culture in a business organization. I can’t afford costly fringe benefits in my small business like larger firms can. Why is culture so important and how can I create it in my business? Answer: Culture is...

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Three Powerful Tools of Financial Management

Question: What are the best tools for a manager to use in projecting, monitoring and controlling costs and revenue for improving financial outcomes? Answer: The subject of Financial Management in the Small Business is usually focused around the means of getting funded...

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