Articles by Richard Walton

The Personal Side of Growth

Organizations and people have to grow simultaneously in order for each to reach their potential. We have already covered the business side of growth. Let it be clear, however, that business growth is conditioned upon personal growth of everyone involved in the...

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Reducing Costs and Improving Sales

QUESTION: I have a small business with ten employees. I am concerned that costs keep going up while sales are not. I know larger businesses have cost reduction and sales building programs but I can’t afford to hire additional people to work in these areas. Is there...

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Getting Funding

Question: How can I get funding for my new business before I have experience and a track record? Answer: Getting financial assistance at startup is nearly always difficult. The company has no track record of earnings on which to base its capacity to pay back loans,...

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Business Model Canvas Presentation

The following presentation was given to the Hagerstown Technology Innovation Center on December 18, 2015. Printable Version of the Presentation Business Model Canvas, Hagerstown Technology Innovation Center Presentation, 12_18_2015  

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Small Business Life Cycle (SBLC)

AN EXAMINATION OF PHASE 2-GROWTH By Richard Walton, MBA January, 2015 I have written in this column a number of times about the Small Business Life cycle (SBLC), which consists of four distinct phases each of which requires specialized tasks and managerial attention....

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Small Business Insight

SALES GROWTH ALONE IS NOT THE BEST MEASURE OF SUCCESS Sales growth is normally considered a huge success particularly for the small business startup. It serves to verify that the business concept is working and that customers are buying the product and/or service at...

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